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                           Tekoa (Pronounced: Tek-o-ah)
Current Location: Loro Parque, Tenerife Spain
Originally From: Seaworld Orlando
ID Tips: Tekoa can be difficult to ID if you are not sure what to look for. Both his eyepatches are very long, narrow ovals. His left eyepatch comes to a point over his eye while his right eyepatch comes to a thin “fade” at the far edge. His dorsal is starting to lean to the left and his rostrum is reminiscent of his father Tilikum and his half brother Ky. Tekoa can also be ID’d by the many rake marks that cover his body. 
Nicknames: Koa, T.K.
Name Meaning: Tekoa means beautiful in Cherokee
Age and Gender: 13 years old, Male
D.o.B: November 8th, 2000
Parents: Taima & Tilikum
His Story: Tekoa was born on November 8th, 2000 to Taima and Tilikum. He is one of only 2 captive orcas still living that are part transient. Taima’s sire, Kanduke, was a transient, making Tekoa 25% transient.

A few months after his birth Taima became aggressive towards baby Tekoa, and so the two were separated. Although a reunion between mother and calf was attempted many times, she always became aggressive with him. Tekoa was then placed in the care of Kalina. Kalina took great care of him, and he also found a friend in Kalina’s son, his half brother Tuar. 

In 2004 Tekoa was transferred along with Tuar to Seaworld San Antonio. While there he formed a great bond with a young adult female named Kayla. It was also at Seaworld San Antonio that Tekoa met Keto, with whom he was transferred to Loro Parque on February 13th, 2006.

At Loro Parque Tekoa was learning many new behaviors and even doing waterworks. However an incident between Tekoa and a trainer in 2007 put certain restrictions on working with him.

Tekoa is a sub-dominant animal like most male orcas are, and so he is often bullied and pushed around by his tank mates. Due to this, he is covered in rake marks and scars from the other orcas, and even a few from incidents in which he tried to escape from the bulling of his tank mates.

Today, Tekoa is 13 years old and lives at Loro Parque  in Tenerife, Spain.

(Image Credit: Present, Tekoa and Trainer, Baby Tekoa, Underwater, Taima and Tekoa-Photo policy: If your image is used here and you do not wish it to be, PLEASE let me know and I WILL remove it! I do not wish to steal anybody’s images, and proper credit is and always will be given)

(Special thanks to lsnkittie83 for writing up the profile for me!)

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