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                              Orca Profile: Kalia (Pronounced: Kah-lee-ah)

Current Location: SeaWorld San Diego
Originally From:
SeaWorld San Diego
ID Tips:
Kalia is one of the easiest orcas to ID at SeaWorld San Diego, due to multiple defining marks and her small size that comes with being the youngest. Her left eyepatch has 3 medium sized freckles in it that can normally be seen even when she is far away. He right eyepatch has 2 large notches taken out of the front. Her dorsal doesn’t bend at all and her flukes have no obvious marks. Being the youngest orca there, Kalia is also the smallest, and is almost always with Kasatka, Nakai, or both of them. 
None that I know of
Name Meaning: beauty in Hawaiian
Age and Gender: 9 years old, Female
D.o.B: December 21, 2004
Parents: Kasatka (mother) and Keet (father)
Her Story: Kalia was born to Kasatka at SeaWorld San Diego on December 21, 2004. Kalia’s birth was discovered that same day by those who watched the Shamu Cam, but it wasn’t until a few days later that her birth was officially announced. Kalia had a blood test taken to determine who her father was, and on January 15, 2005 it was announced that she was the daughter of Keet. Since her father is Keet, Kalia was the first 4th generation orca calf to be born in captivity. After a few days of staying with her mother in the show pool, Kalia was introduced to Orkid and Nakai. On March 5, 2005, Kalia officially received her name. Kalia was a very curious and independent orca from the start, and within just a few weeks of her birth, she was already leaving her mother’s side to explore.

Kalia loves to play with Nakai, and the two are often seen performing together, or swimming together in the Dine with Shamu/Underwater Viewing tank. Kalia is a good performer, and had even been introduced to waterworks before their sudden stop in 2010. Kalia is very playful, and can often be seen interacting with guests at the underwater viewing windows. Kalia is known for her bird hunting, which she learned from her mother and older brother. She is also very dominant, even though she is young, and she sometimes tries to push the much larger males out of her way. Despite her dominance, she is loved by everyone, trainers and orcas alike. Today, Kalia resides at SeaWorld San Diego

(Image Credit: KaliaKalia HeadHunting BirdsKalia and NakaiMama and Baby-Photo policy: If your image is used here and you do not wish it to be, PLEASE let me know and I WILL remove it! I do not wish to steal anybody’s images, and proper credit is and always will be given)

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