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                                 Orca Profile: Ikaika (Pronounced: Ee-kai-kuh)

Current Location: SeaWorld San Diego
Originally From:
SeaWorld Orlando
ID Tips: Ike has a few easy ways you can ID him. His right eyepatch has 3 small notches in it, making it look almost like a half star in his eyepatch. His left eyepatch has one medium sized notch in the front of it. His dorsal is starting to bend slightly at the top, and it has a mini “wave” in it, much like one the wild orca Ruffle’s dorsal had. His flukes have no major notches, but they have a few scattered black marks in them.
Name Meaning:
strength in Hawaiian
Age and Gender:
11 years old, Male
August 25, 2002
Katina (mother) and Tilikum (father)
His Story:
Ikaika was born at SeaWorld Orlando on August 25, 2002 to Katina and Tilikum. He lived here at SeaWorld until November 18, 2006 when he was moved to Marineland Canada on a breeding loan, in exchange for four belugas that SeaWorld now owns.

In Canada, Ike quickly started showing his quirky personality, and although he didn’t get along with his tank mate, Kiska, Marineland’s orca, at first, they became close over the years. In the end, however, Ike failed to get Kiska pregnant, although he tried.

On November 11, 2011, Ike was taken back by SeaWorld and moved to SeaWorld San Diego, where he currently resides. He’s had a rough start in California, because he needs to learn his place in the San Diego pod, but he seems to be settling in well. He can often be seen with Corky, whom is the gentlest with him. He has been introduced to every orca in the San Diego pod, and seems to get along alright with all of them. He has started performing in shows and during Dine with Shamu sessions and seems to be learning quickly.

Today, Ike is 11 years old and resides at SeaWorld San Diego.

(Image credit: IkeCorky and Ike, Ike-Orkid-Ulises, Ike at glass, Ike sticking out tounge by Jennifer Stuber on Flickr- Photo policy: If your image is used here and you do not wish it to be, PLEASE let me know and I WILL remove it! I do not wish to steal anybody’s images, and proper credit is and always will be given)

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